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These days, most of us would class ourselves as ‘conscious’ eaters. Meaning that while we don’t always have the same views as one another, pretty much all of us care about what we eat and where it comes from.

We were going to call this blog ‘No-Beef with the Baggies’, but it turns out West Brom aren’t just keen on offering a plant powered alternative to beefy burgers at The Hawthorns…

Christmas is over! 

Now, whether that makes you weep into your novelty Christmas napkins, or do a little dance as you gleefully shove the decorations back into the loft, the chances are you’ll be wanting a break from all that seasonal face-stuffing.

The Dopsu No-Duck pieces in these pancakes shred perfectly into any size you want and absorb the sesame oil, hoisin sauce and maple syrup marinade so well. A bit of plum sauce on the side complements it nicely too.  

The mixture of soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, golden fried pineapple chunks and Dopsu No-Pork pieces is incredible! Served with a side of noodles, it’s the perfect lunchtime dish if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

This is one of my personal favourites to cook at home for lunch. Super colourful, keeps the kids interested and really delicious. No meat, just vegetable protein. A squeeze of lime makes the flavour in these Dopsu No-Chicken pieces pop too.

Who doesn’t love cottage pie? It’s my family’s favourite dinner. True comfort food. Dopsu’s No-Beef pieces are a perfect way to cut down on meat whilst still getting that delicious flavour you love. 30 minutes in the oven and you’re good to go!

Not all of us pay attention to the small print – the ingredients and inclusions in the food we fill our supermarket trolley with. It’s no surprise, given the average supermarket shopping doesn’t exactly have the time to get the magnifying glass out, or google every last bamboozling term or claim.

It might well be the most popular protein on the British dinner table, so it’s no surprise that chicken finds its way into a huge range of family favourites. It’s mixed up in our pastas and topping our pizzas. It’s filling our fajitas and burritos. It’s the star of the Sunday dinner, and the lean choice for a shawarma. We’re sticking it in sarnies and rolls, stews and soups. 

If you’re trying to avoid meat – or just like the odd flexitarian swap – then soy is pretty ubiquitous. That’s a fancy word for ‘flippin’ everywhere’, and we can’t blame you for packing your shopping basket with plant-based products made from the popular bean.

Here’s the secret strategy to get you mixing up your meal plan.It’s time to embrace Meat Free Monday!

Well actually, the whole point of Dopsu No-Chicken is that no clucks are given.

It’s one of the main headaches in trying to cut down on the meat you eat. You want to make a change to your diet, but you don’t want to change everything. You don’t want to just stop eating the meals that you and your family love to eat.

Some people have really strong views, beliefs and philosophies about what they eat. Which is great – good for them!

But. The truth is that most people don’t have such strong views. They mainly want to eat things that taste good, are nutritious enough…and don’t overly harm the world in the making.

Then let the people speak!

We did, and they said things like this:

It just tastes like meat and it looks like meat and I can imagine you’d be able to put it in all sorts.
Correct – you really can!

Dopsu x Wirral Sensory Services.